b. Hong Kong

Ceramic artist Ryan Cheng’s work seems to defy gravity. A mix of functional and pure art object, and sometimes blurring the line between the two, the artist sculpts perfectly symmetric pieces balancing on a surface no larger than a small coin. Working with terracotta and stoneware, each vessel (as the artist calls them) is the outcome of an intense and dedicated art practice which honors the natural beauty of clay by extending the medium into contemporary shapes and form.

Cheng holds a diploma in Industrial Design from the Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto (2002), and a Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art), Ceramics, from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology’s Hong Kong Art School campus (2016).

He currently lives and works in Hong Kong.

Artist Statement: “A purist who enjoys working in the medium of clay and on the potter’s wheel, I create functional and sculptural objects that reflect the essence of these things. My practice is an exploration of material, process and form. Simplifying things down to their fundamentals, I make pieces that convey a sense of clarity in an increasingly ambiguous world.“


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