b. Aomori, Japan

Acrylic spray on canvas
Approx 30” x 24”


Narita Hikaru (b 1989) is a painter based in Tokyo, Japan. His work focuses on nostalgic memories from childhood with a nod to the impact of American culture abroad. He translates these ideals onto canvas using an acrylic spray technique which mimics airbrush. The artist is also a master sculptor, carving wood into contemporary figures representitive of mass produced toys.

Hikaru graduated from Musashino University’s Department of Sculpture (2013) and proceeded to aquire his masters in sulpture two years later (2015). 

Hikaru’s work has been exhibited across Japan and Asia, including: huggy in piggyback, 2019, ACME FURNITURE (Tokyo); ARTS SAITAMA KITAMACHI FIESTA vol.5, 2019, (Saitama, Japan); Memory and Record, 2018, Gallery Geoje (South Korea); Oasis, Shinagawa Intercity Art Museum, 2018, (Tokyo); Ghost Town, 2017, TS4312 (Tokyo); Surface crossing, 2016, RISE GALLERY (Tokyo); and it is what it is, 2015, RISE GALLERY (Tokyo).


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