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Application 2023

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Artist #2:

Ryo Nishimura

Kyoto-Based Artist


Pulse 2; 2022; White Watson Paper and Copper Printmaking Ink; Approx  39 x 64 (992 x 1624 mm); Edition of 1 (Image is of the Uji River near Kyoto, Japan)

Nishimura was born in 1993 in Kyoto, Japan, and currently lives and works in the region. He is a graduate of Kyoto Seika University with a focus on Printmaking, and received his master’s in Printmaking at the Kyoto City University of Arts.

Much of Nishimura’s practice involves working in the field surrounded by the elements, far outside of the constraints of a studio setting. The artist further differentiates his method from other printmakers by using power tools as well as traditional hand tools to create his vibrant lines and deep groves. It is with this process that Nishimura “traces” live scenes in nature directly on acrylic panels, documenting a sequence that exists only for a brief period of time. While the scene is captured, its ability to be reproduced diminishes with each print Nishiura runs through the press, returning full circle to the fragility of nature that the artist is documenting.

The artist also favors the use of photographs - be it from nature, such as a landscape image, or a staged photograph the artist took. The artist has previously made use of Ikebana images from Kōyō Ikebana Hyakuheizu, a book of illustrations dating to the late 1700s by Zeshinken Ichiro.

Nishimura’s work is collected by the Harvard Art Museums, the Portland Art Museum, and the Los Angeles Museum of Art (LACMA), as well as several museums throughout Japan.

Selet solo exhibition include: Moments (2018), Taku Sometani Gallery; Nishimura (2018); The Tolman Collection Tokyo; Morpho-iconogenesis, Taku Sometani Gallery (2019); Melody of Life, Artzone Kaguraoka (2020); Chain Fluctuations, Taku Sometani Gallery (2021); Tracing of Rut, Artzone Kaguraoka (2022); and select group shows, including: Kyoto City University of Arts Annual Exhibition 2016, Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art; The 10th KOCHI International Triennial Exhibition of Prints, Ino-cho Paper Museum; KINO PRINT 2019, Gallery hillgate; LINES; eN arts (2019), Kyoto Art for Tomorrow 2020; The Museum of Kyoto; Pulse, Galerie Ashiya Schule (2021); NEW INTIMACIES WILD WILD WEST, Gallery PARC (2022); Elements, Peter Augustus, Dallas, Texas, USA (2022).

Ikebana 3; 2022; Sirius Paper and Copper Printmaking Ink; Approx 9.5 x 7 in (240 x 180 mm); Edition of 2


Ikebana 5; 2022; White Watson Paper and Copper Printmaking Ink; Approx 14 x 11 in (362 x 280 mm); Edition of 5

Installation shot from Nishimura’s solo exhibition at Peter Augustus in October 2022

Trace The Rut 4 (scene from White Rock Lake USA); 2022; Sirius Paper and Copper Printmaking Ink; Approx 15 x 21 in (382 x 543 mm); Edition of 3